By Paul Charchian-

Add: Ryan Fitzpatrick

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If you watched any of our preseason Fantasy Victory TV specials, or downloaded my cheat sheet, you know that I was high on Ryan Fitzpatrick. But, even I didn’t expect a four-touchdown performance from him…really any time, let alone week one. The loss of Lee Evans hasn’t affected him at all. He’s cultivated a strong bond with Steve Johnson, and his enormous tight end, Scott Chandler, looks like he’ll be impactful, especially near the stripe.

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Drop: James Jones

The Packers deemed James Jones valuable enough to give him a sweet three-year, $9.4M contract. But they didn’t deem him valuable enough to actually design a game plan to use him. He was thrown to just one time last week. He’s got some talent, and he’s really good after the catch. But he’s competing for receptions with Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Randall Cobb, Jermichael Finley, and Jordy Nelson. There’s just not enough balls to go around in Green Bay for him to be a reliable fantasy producer.

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