(WSCR) An extension for White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen does not appear to be on the table and it’s looking more and more like the team will have a new manager next season, FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal said on The Mully and Hanley Show Tuesday.

“There is a point of critical mass that this team is reaching, and I would expect, I’m not saying this any more than speculatively, but I would expect that Ozzie would be gone,” Rosenthal said.

The FOX Sports baseball reporter says that the chances of Guillen returning to the South Side next season have diminished in the last couple of weeks.

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“I have a source with knowledge of Ozzie’s thinking, a little bit, who has an idea of the team’s thinking too, and he said to me a couple of weeks ago, ’95 percent Ozzie stays. He’s staying. This is all smoke. It’s typical. It’s the same stuff that has happened before.’

“Same source, a couple days ago, said to me, ‘It’s only 50 percent. The extension does not appear to be happening.’ And unless Jerry (Reinsdorf) steps in again, because of his loyalty to Ozzie, he could be gone. I would not be surprised at this point, nor would anyone else, if he was gone.”

Rosenthal believes a fresh start might be best for the White Sox.

“After eight years — and after all the drama of the past couple — it might be best to start over again,” he said. “Turn the page and just kind of take a deep breath and bring a new vibe into that room.

“And I’m not saying it’s all Ozzie’s fault, in fact Kenny (Williams) deserves a lot of blame for it. And Adam Dunn deserves blame for his performance more than Kenny, by the way. But something has to give.”