NEW ORLEANS (WSCR) 670 The Score’s Mike Mulligan caught up with former Bears captain Olin Kreutz for an exclusive interview after the Saints 30-13 win Sunday:

On Facing Former Friends On Bears:

“It was emotional seeing them in the beginning obviously. I spent a lot of years with those guys and have a ton of respect for them. Went through a lot of war battles with them and a lot of games. It was weird at first, but then a football game usually breaks out.”

Listen: Mike Mulligan’s Entire Interview With Olin Kreutz

On Respect For Former Teammates:

“The respect hasn’t fallen off at all and none of those guys out there made any decisions on me and they made it pretty clear that they wanted me back so tons of respect for those guys.”

On Leaving The Bears:

“It wasn’t what I was expecting. But that’s just what happens in the NFL. I was lucky to stay there that long. It was a blessing to stay there for 13 years. I gave them everything I had and it was just time to move on.”