By Paul Charchian-

Add: Daniel Thomas, Miami Dolphins

After Reggie Bush played pretty well in Week 1, I didn’t expect to see Miami make 180-degree change to Daniel Thomas. Thomas got three times as many carries as Bush, six times as many rushing yards, and three times as many receiving yards. So, once again, it looks like Reggie Bush is stuck as a role player. I’m not a huge fan of Thomas’. He doesn’t seem particularly strong or elusive, but he showed some spark on Sunday and belongs on rosters.

Drop: Matt Cassel, Kansas City Chiefs

Some people will believe that Matt Cassel’s numbers will go up with Jamaal Charles, because he’ll be passing more. That’s flawed logic. Taking a Pro Bowl caliber runner off an offense only hurts. Cassel also loses one of the best pass-catching runners in the league. He was already without his starting tight end Tony Moeaki, who went on injured reserve in the preseason. Combining his dreadful play with these injuries, and it’s time to siege the Cassel.