GLEN ELLYN (CBS) — Inside Elizabeth McGann’s government class at Glenbard South High School, students are videotaping questions that may be chosen as a question for candidates during the Republican presidential debate on Thursday.

The questions are being uploaded on YouTube.

“I saw the ad on TV and decided to get my students involved,” said McGann.

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Each high school sophomore is coming up with a question that they care about. Each stood in front of a tripod with a flip cam attached. Students switched off in front of and behind the camera.

“They were excited when I told them they would be uploaded to YouTube and possibly be chosen,” McGann added.

Susan Walborn, 15, asked a question about welfare and social security.

“We get a chance to be involved. I want my view to be heard as part of the younger generation that’s going to part of the country,” said Walborn.

Sean Mitchell, 15, asked about jobs and the economy.

“I think it’s fun and good for everyone to experience and learn about politics because not a lot of 15-year-olds know much about politics,” Mitchell said.

Alex McDonald, 15, submitted a question about immigration and jobs. For him, it’s personal.

“My dad lost his job and his factory replaced him with illegal immigrants who worked for cheaper wages,” McDonald said.

All the debate questions will come from people who submit via text or a brief video.

Viewers will be able to vote on the questions they want the candidates to answer, and Fox News will use the votes to help choose which questions are posed to the candidates.

The GOP debate will air live from Orlando on Fox at 8 p.m.

McGann says if one of her students’ questions is chosen, they get 25 points extra credit.

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