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NORTHBROOK, Ill. (CBS) — They’ve been meeting regularly for 15 years: a group of women whose mission is to produce blankets to bring warmth to children who need it most.

The women who call themselves “blanketeers” are some people you should know, CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield reports.

Every other month at the Northbrook United Methodist Church, the volunteers get to work at providing comfort and security to hundreds of children and their families at a time when they need it most.

“You can’t think of the recipients of one of these blankets without thinking of your own kids, and their parents and what their parents must be going through,” blanketeer Karen Grage says.

They are members of the North Central Chicagoland Chapter of Project Linus, which was founded 16 years ago and named for Charlie Brown’s best friend, who favored a security blanket.

The organization has chapters in all 50 states. Crocheted, stitched or knitted, the organization has delivered more than 4 million blankets to children who are seriously ill or otherwise in need.

The local chapter was organized in 1996. Since then, its members have produced more than 78,000 blankets at the rate of 800 a month.

“It makes you think you’re doing something so worthwhile, and you’re giving back to the world in some small way,” Judi Goldman says.

Along with hospitals, shelters and social service agencies, the organization also distributes blanks to the children of fallen soldiers. Gifts of blankets are also accepted and distributed.