A couple of baseball thoughts while waiting for the Bears to take care of
the hated Pack:
It looks like we can add Carlos Marmol’s name to the list of bad contracts
Jim Hendry left the Cubs.
Marmol’s $3 million salary rockets to $7 million next season and $9.8
million in 2013. Know any teams interested in trading for that paper given
Marmol’s work this season?
His 10 blown saves leads the majors, while his .773 saves
percentage (34-for-44) is the worst in the league.

Marmol is even worse in one-run games, blowing six in 17
opportunities, including the debacle Saturday in St. Louis. Marmol allowed the tying run on a
bases-loaded walk to Ryan Theriot, then threw a wild pitch for the
“You get beat with strikes, then so be it,” manager Mike
Quade said. “We didn’t do much offensively either. But we were in a position to
win it. Just a tough day for ‘Marm.’ “

Marmol’s 5.7 walks per nine innings are second worst in
the league.

So much for my guy, Trib beat writer, Paul Sullivan’s
suggestion that the Cubs could deal Marmol this winter. Not without eating some
of the dough or taking a bad contract in return.
As for Sully’s suggestion that Jeff Samardzjia becoming
the Cub’s closer next year, who among Cubs’ nation can make that leap of faith?
No matter this city’s best wide receiver’s 1.75 ERA since June 28.

Sean Marshall and his 0.91 ERA stays put as set-up

So best we can
hope is Marmol, a one-pitch pony, can regain some control of that slider next

One can dream,

Hat’s off to
Paul Konerko, yet again.

Who doesn’t
love this guy?

Even more than
the Sox captain’s 30 homers and 100 RBIs at age 35, you have to appreciate his
approach to the game that gave him that 16,000-square foot home in Arizona, Hawk has brought into his
“What a special year,” manager Ozzie Guillen said
Saturday. “This guy did it by himself because the people we put
behind him, they didn’t have good years. And when you have the type of year he
has with little help, that’s … nobody sees that.

only see the numbers, not how he did it. And he did it with one leg for almost a
month. Amazing year. It doesn’t surprise me. This guy is very professional, goes
about his business the right way.”
As for Konerko’s approach, how about
this. Guillen had a lineup penciled in without Konerko the other day, but
changed it when the captain said he wanted to play even though the game meant
very little in an utterly frustrating season.

“You kind of want to be
done with it. It has been a long year and obviously we didn’t end up where we
wanted to end up,” Konerko said. “It’s kind of a balance of getting it over with
and talking about what went wrong and also playing these last few games the
right way.”

Aramis Ramirez?

“You try
to play these last few games the right way, try to approach them like we would
any other game because that’s what we get paid to do,” Konerko


Hope you will
join Mully and me between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. as we kick off what we hope will be
Bears’ Victory Monday.

As always,
thanks for listening.


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