(WSCR) It’s no secret Ozzie Guillen was full of antics during his tenure with the White Sox.

Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman thinks that those antics crossed the line over the past few years — especially when he publically discussed his contract during a pennant race.

“He had a deal for next year with the White Sox,” Heyman told The Mully and Hanley Show on Tuesday. “Nobody else in baseball can get away with that. He’s just a funny guy. He’s funny in two language. He gets away with stuff that nobody else would get away with. I guess he’s looked at more as an entertainer than a manager, from my standpoint.

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“Players get criticized if they talk about their contracts, and you don’t hear them doing that during the season. Obviously, (the White Sox) don’t look like a contender now, but two months ago, they were semi in the race. They had a shot, and you heard him talking about his own situation with a year to go in his contract.”

Reports indicate that Guillen is preparing to sign a four-year contract with the Marlins. Heyman’s not sure how Guillen will fit in with the Marlins organization.

“I think that relationship is going to be fascinating,” Heyman said.” (Previous Marlins managers) weren’t able to get along with whoever it was in the front office. … They were not able to make relationships work with Fredi Gonzalez, who is a very good manager, or Joe Girardi, who is also a very good manager. Both guys are much more quiet, don’t say anything publically about themselves or to embarrass anyone or annoy anyone. It’s going to be interesting when Ozzie is actually the manager.”

Heyman added: “If they can make it through the four years of this deal, I’ll be shocked.”

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