Did Mark Buehrle pitch his final game in a White Sox uniform last night?  Did you catch the latest 30 for 30, Catching Hell?  Both topics of conversation this morning with Mac and Spiegs as we’ll have plenty of baseball thoughts for a late September morning.

Football-wise we “Turn the Page” this morning on the Bears/Packers week 3 disaster and start to look ahead to the Carolina Panthers who come into town this Sunday in what’s turned into a “must-win” for the Bears.

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk joins the program for a national look at the league as well as what’s been being said about the Bears on a national level.  He pulls up a chair at 10 and will surely spread optimism about the Bears like he usually does (sarcasm).

Finally, Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press will talk Detroit Lions at 11 am this morning as the Bears showdown with them on Monday Night Football comes your way in a week.  He’ll discuss how real the 3-0 Lions are and if they’re worth worrying about just yet.

Plenty of fun along the way as well, see you at 9.

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