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GROBBER—Thursday Sept 27,2011
***Alright! Two bully teams BOTH choked Wednesday night. Of course the Yankees,in blowing a 7-0 lead to Tampa Bay didn’t hurt themselves.Just their hated rivals the Boston Red Sox who gagged away the A.L.Wild Card in historic fashion reminisced of 1978 when they blew a 14 game lead to the Yanks. And they can do the Tomahawk Chop all winter in Atlanta. But no playoffs,as they regurgitated the N.L.Wildcard away to the Cardinals. At least we won’t have to see any Braves Post Season games with many empty seats,which has become a tradition down there!
***Also,the big hearts that dropped when Boston was knocked out were those with Fox who wanted the Red Sox and Yankees BOTH in the Playoffs and in the ALCS against one another. I’m rooting for the Brewers and Tigers to get to the World Series. You know those East Coast folks would ‘die’ if that happened just like in 2006 when the Tigers and Cardinals met in the Fall Classic. Of course,if Detroit and Arizona got to the World Series,the Fox folks along with the MLB front office types would probably go on an unhappy drinking binge(LOL)!
***Fitting that the White Sox and Cubs BOTH ended their 2011 seasons with losses. The Sox blowing a lead in the 9th to Toronto and the Cubs getting routed by San Diego. Funny, it’s the first time the Cubs ended their season in SD since the 1984 NLCS.
***No, I refused to waste even one second of my life with that Steve Bartman documentary Wednesday night on the four letter network. They should be ashamed of themselves for airing that piece of crap! Once and for all, Steve Bart man had NOTHING to do with the Cubs losing that 6th game of the 2003 NLCS to the Marlins. Alex Gonzalez,Mark Prior,Dave Veres,and others blew it. If you continue to insist that Bartman was a culprit, then you are either a Marlins,Cardinals or White Sox fan.

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