***Another,for the second straight year, UGLY win over the Carolina Panthers for the Bears. Lovie Smith said he won’t apologize for the win. Of course not. You DON’T EVER do that. Any way you win, you take it. Last season when the Bears won over the Panthers in Charlotte,it was an awful game,but nonetheless a victory.
***Another milestone for Devin Hester who returned a punt 69 yards for his 11th such touchdown setting a new NFL record,breaking the tie he had held with Eric Metcalf since late last year when he returned a Viking punt in the snow at TCF Bank Stadium. This was more proof how much Hester has been mis-handled by the Bears who still insist that converting him 4 years ago to wide receiver was not a mistake. Guess,what? It WAS a big time screw up. Hester had NO return TD;s in either 2008 or 2009 while switching to the wide receiver position,which has been a flop so far. It’s all about money however! He was paid as a WR, and his kick returns suffered until last year when suddenly against Green Bay in week three,it came back.
***NFL Boss Roger Goodell should now see how that new rule,having kickoffs from the 35 yard line is a joke! How exciting is it to see most kickoffs go through the end zone for a boring touch back?
***Speaking of Hester,Marian Barber and others, the back flips those two did Sunday need to be stopped at once! And don’t give me this NFL(No Fun League)crap! How much fun will it be to see Hester injured . Also,he gave Carolina good field position due to a 15 yard excessive celebration penalty. Barber had a hamstring pull,and after he scored a TD, he did this dumb flip and came up limping. These guys are numb skulls for doing this just to show off and “have fun’. How much fun will it be to go on injured reserve?
***Exciting game between Illinois and Northwestern at Memorial Stadium Saturday. The Wildcats had a 28-10 lead in the third quarter,but questionable play calling on defense allowed the Illini yo get back in the game and win it. The Cats DB’s could not cover A.J.Jenkins who torched them all day. NU ‘sold out’ to stop the run and it mostly worked all day,but it left corner backs on an island against Jenkins. They should have switched things up in the fourth quarter to force Illinois to run the ball more and use the clock. Instead,the Illini kept scoring quickly. Also,Dan Persa was very good in his return to the Cats lineup,but his Achilles stiffened and he took himself out in the fourth quarter. Kane Colter finished the game,but they don’t trust the Sophomore to pass,and the NU offense became one-dimensional.
***The Illini are 5-0 and a lock to go to a Bowl Game again while the Cats will struggle to become Bowl eligible. The Illini are at gosh awful Indiana for their first road game of the season Saturday while Northwestern hosts Michigan Saturday night.

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