CHICAGO (CBS) — As many as 100 protesters were marching through the heart of Chicago’s Financial District on Wednesday, in sympathy with the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in New York.

Some were students who cut class, who wanted to mirror what their New York counterparts had done.

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Harrington College of Design student Jack Lahaie said he went to class, then cut out.

“And then I went to the art store to make a sign and I came down here to protest,” he said. “Because my school happens to be owned by a company, a corporation, and I pay an outrageous amount of money, because my parents lost all of their savings in the recession and they were forced to spend all of my college savings in order to get by, in order to keep our home, in order to live.”

Lahaie’s sign read, “$100,000 for school for no job – U MAD.”

Asked what the demonstrators wanted to accomplish with their protest, 18-year-old Alex Bronge of Goshen, Ind., said, “The question comes up a lot with everyone. When everybody has asked me that, I could never give them a definite answer, so I’ll try and give you my best answer. What needs to change is our voices need to be more than just a mark on a piece of paper. It needs to be more than just a vote on a ballot.”

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