By Dorothy Tucker

CHICAGO (CBS) — Do you drive a car, send texts or listen to music?

If you do, you’re the perfect person to make some extra money just for doing what you love.

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CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker has the inside scoop on how to make some extra cash without much effort. 

Looking to make some extra money, Charrise Ouska-Willkommen is holding her annual garage sale. Books are a bargain at 25 cents apiece. But Ouska-Willkommen could make much more with an app called cash4books.

She simply scans the bar code on the book and up pops the price.

“Fifty cents? That’s more than I was selling it for,” Ouska-Willkommen says.

The extra cash is pure profit because the company pays for shipping.

Enjoy texting? At you can make a few bucks by signing up to give advice on relationships, tips on movies or sharing a joke. 

“They get questions, random questions on their website and via text and they need people to come up with answers,” Kyle Taylor of says.

Like most people, Eddie Davis can tell you exactly why he likes a particular blues cut.

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“It’s singing, real singing, not this rap stuff. You have to have vocals for this,” he says.

If he writes that down at, he could earn up to 20 cents for every review. And he can review as many as he likes.

“Can’t beat that,” Davis says.

Jonathan Turner loves cars, so he gets paid to drive them. Do an Internet search on “test drive, get paid ” and see what’s available.

“I’m getting paid anywhere from $50 to $75 a pop to go out and test drive a vehicle, have fun in it, and then I’m able to come back and write up a report,” Turner said.

Sheri Carlson made $3,700 this year putting her creative writing talents to good use.

She frequents a couple of sites called Squadhelp and Crowdspring, where you earn money for creating brand names, slogans or logos for small businesses. The cash prizes help her bottom line.

“To pay bills or to buy something special for myself,” she says.

A word of caution: You shouldn’t have to pay these sites in advance for any work you do.

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If you see a site that’s charging, don’t sign up.

Dorothy Tucker