By Paul Charchian-

Add: Steve Breaston

Steve Breaston scored a couple times last week, which is almost unfortunate because it makes him an obvious waiver target this week.  Since Jamaal Charles’ injury, Steve Breaston has gone from two targets a game to six.  The Chiefs are simply passing more often.  Rookie Jonathan Baldwin will likely be available after the bye week (this week), but he’s unlikely to threaten Breaston’s playing time.  Remember, Breaston played for Todd Haley in Arizona, so he knows this system. Check out Paul Charchian’s add list here.

Drop: Josh Freeman

I mentioned my frustration with Josh Freeman on Fantasy Victory last week.  He really should be better this year than last but, he’s got no sizzle whatsoever this season.  He finished last year with 25 passing touchdowns.  He’s on pace for 9.6 this year.  I’m not sure who to get point six of a touchdown, but at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if Freeman found a way to turn a full score into a half score.  Last year’s burgeoning hookup with Mike Williams has evaporated, and Freeman simply isn’t productive, aside from his periodic rushing touchdown. Check out Paul Charchian’s drop list here.

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