(CBS) As reports continue to swirl around Chicago and Boston that Theo Epstein is indeed headed to the Cubs, one baseball analyst thinks this could be the start of a new brand of baseball in Wrigleyville.

“It will certainly mean the new era has come to the north side of town,” Steve Stone told The McNeil and Spiegel Show on Wednesday. “Theo is pretty good at what he does. I know the last couple of years have been pretty disappointing in Boston, but you’re talking about a 37-year-old who is considered one of the game’s best.”

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With big money tied up in the contracts of Carlos Zambrano and Alfonso Soriano, Stone said a challenge for Esptein will be dealing with a smaller payroll, which means the minor leagues will be vital.

“He’s not going to have that type of financial latitude (like he did in Boston) as far as the Cubs are concerned,” Stone said.  “He’s going to have to do a whole lot more as it pertains to the minor leagues. He’s going to have to trust his scouts. He’s going to have to trust his development people.

“Theo is one of those guys who can think out of the box. He’s very creative. I think that, if he is indeed the guy, and if he’s the guy that (Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts) set his sights on and becomes the new GM here, I think he’s going to do a pretty good job.”