CHICAGO (CBS) – Police have announced new clues in the search for two men suspected of robbing and sexually attacking eight women on the West Side.

The men wore masks and often used guns in the attacks. Sometimes they worked together and sometimes apart. In two of the cases, police say, victims described the suspects as having either pink eyes or yellow eyes.

That could be because of contacts, poor lighting, or some kind of illness.

The last in a string of eight attacks happened in the 600 block of North Leamington on Friday.

It has women like Shanika Caldwell taking no chances.

“I have Mace and a knife. I keep it in my pocket at all times,” she told CBS 2’s Pamela Jones.

The cases helped to draw some 60 people to an Austin church to let police and community leaders hear their concerns.

“In this community things have to pile up in order for us to get some type of attention, whereas you have one fight break out in Lakeview or Edgewater and you got the whole city and everybody there ready,” one resident complained.

Police say they hope neighbors will help them find the suspects. They also hope residents will tell others about the crimes to keep more women from becoming victims.

“If a woman is going to be out late at night please make sure somebody’s out there with you,” police Cmdr Walter Green said.

Neighbors are hoping police come up with sketches of the suspects soon.

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