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***You know Lovie Smith doesn’t want to hear this, but did the Bears blow out Minnesota because they were reallt that good? Or were(and are)the Vikings that bad? Both to be sure,but Leslie Frazier’s club is just plain awful! There’s nothing more to say about this.
***Devin Hester’s 98 yard kickoff return for a score in the third quarter was the most exciting play of the night. The Bears are now 1-2 in Division games,but still five games behind Green Bay and now four in back of Detroit.
***No doubt, Chris Harris was demoted from the starting lineup because he and Brandon Meriweather both had awful games in Detroit last week. BUT, but Harris inactive because he tweeted that everyone “should be treated the same” and did Lovie punish him for that. The reason given was that Harris is not a special teams player. Same thing said by Mike Martz about Dez Clark last year, but nobody was buying that line.
***Jay Cutler’s passer rating was 115.9 last night while Donovan McNabb’s was 97.4. Cutler was sacked just once while McNabb was nailed five times.
***Oh, and BTW, Texas Rangers to beat the St.Louis Cardinals in six games. Remember,the National League won the All Star game for the second straight year,so the Cards have home field advantage.

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