STREAMWOOD, Ill. (CBS) — Federal marshals have seized food products stored in a northwest suburban warehouse that sells products to restaurants, retailers and other businesses in 20 states and Canada.

U.S. Marshals served a search warrant at Chetak Chicago, LLC – located at 1111 E. Lake St. in Streamwood – on Monday and seized food stored at the warehouse on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration, federal prosecutors said.

U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald’s office had sued Chetak on Friday and obtained the warrant from a federal judge to seize food at the 108,000-square-foot warehouse.

Federal authorities said the food was being stored in unsanitary conditions, including widespread rodent infestation.

The facility stores a variety of food – including rice, flour, peanuts, cookies, dried coconut and spices.

The warehouse brings in food products from across the U.S. and India and sells the food to restaurants, retailers and distribution centers in 20 states and Canada, according to federal prosecutors.

No food has left the warehouse since Aug. 17, when the Illinois Department of Public Health imposed an embargo on the removal of any food from the facility.

The FDA inspected the warehouse between Aug. 15 and Sept. 1 and found 25 live and 12 dead rodents, several gnawed and urine-stained food packages and rodent droppings in and around food packages in the warehouse. Inspectors also found rodent nesting materials and structural defects that allowed easy access to rodents.

Federal authorities said there were no known immediate public health risks posed by the seized food. No incidents of illness have been traced to food stored at the warehouse.