(WSCR) Ultimately, Roy Williams’ fate rests in his own hands.

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said Williams’ future in the NFL is completely up to the performance of the veteran wide receiver, had a season-high 55 yards and a touchdown Sunday.

“We all know what Roy Williams was and hopefully what he can still be,” Angelo told Chicagobears.com. “We all saw Sunday that he can still play at a high level. But to me, it’s up to Roy. He’s healthy, he’s practicing. He wants to be here. Roy is going to determine his fate. It was good to see that we got him more involved. There’s no reason we shouldn’t see that every week. I’m happy to see it, but the key with all players is consistency. You need to see it each and every week.”

While on the topic of wide receiver, Angelo also said the Bears have no interest in signing former Bear Bernard Berrian, who was recently released from the Vikings.

“Right now we’re doing everything we can to get our receivers in a groove,” Angelo said. “We just talked about Roy. Then there’s Johnny Knox, Devin Hester and Earl Bennett will be back now. It’s not about the quantity of receivers; it’s about the quality. What Bernard can do well, we have receivers who can do those same things. We certainly have respect for Bernard and like Bernard. We just don’t want to run up and down the starting line because when you bring players in they take reps, and then whose reps does he take?”

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