(WSCR) Brandon Meriweather admitted he’s getting tired of writing out checks to the NFL for illegal hits.

After receiving two separate fines totaling $45,000, he admitted he needs to change how he plays with the new rules in the NFL. Matt Bowen of The National Football Post and Chicago Tribune said it’s not just Meriweather who needs to change — it’s safeties across the board.

“You almost have to,” Bowen told The Mully and Hanley Show. “You have to change the way you play a little bit because of the rules. … I think the refs right now are a little nervous, a little scared. They don’t know what’s right from wrong. If they see a guy put his head down – even if it’s a head across tackle – that flag is going to come out. You have to adjust your target zone. You have to be under control.

LISTEN: Matt Bowen on The Mully and Hanley Show

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