GROBBER—Oct 27,2011
***They likely could have played game six of the World Series last night in St.Louis,but Bud Selig didn’t want to take a chance and have both the Rangers and Cardinals to lose their starting pitchers due to a rain shortened contest.The Rangers should get their chance to try and clinch their first ever World Title while the Cards hope to force a seventh game FRriday night.

***There has not been a seven game World Series since 2002 when the Angels edged Dusty Baker’s Giants. Baker was Cub Manager a few days after that.

***Now that the NBA Owners have agreed to drop their demands for a 50-50 revenue split,perhaps the postering can stop and they can get a new collective barginning deal done. Derrick Rose is among several NBA Players who have opted out of the Global Toue. Kobe Bryant,Dwyane Wade and Amare Stoudemire have not ruled out playing and Carlos Boozer of the Bulls is still planning to play. Lebron James,Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul have also said they are not going along with this ‘tour’. Is this a sign that many of these star players have information of a settlement. Stay tuned!.


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