By Walter Jacobson

CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s not about news for me tonight. I’m thinking Halloween: what to do on the big night.

My plan is to go to a movie or take a walk, or a ride on the L on the CTA -– anything, anywhere, to avoid being home to answer the door to give candy to kids, to stuff them with fat and sugar, to give them what they want, a treat or else.

That’s Halloween, isn’t it? Trick or treat? Don’t give them a treat and you get tricked. It’s a Halloween lesson to kids: Extortion, like Rod Blagojevich and his campaign contributions. Pay up or pay a price.

And how about the Halloween danger? Darting into dark streets at night or ringing the bell of a crazy who may be wrapping candy bars and apples around things that are inedible.

Excuse my Scrooge, but why worry about all that? Why wear an ugly, scary mask and say boo to people? I say do good for our children. Take them to a movie or for a ride on the L. Cancel Halloween.