(CBS) Until either Tony La Russa or Jerry Reinsdorf say it’s not going to happen, there will be plenty of speculation about the recently retired Cardinals manager joining the White Sox organization in an advisor role.

So far, that hasn’t happened. In fact, the exact opposite has happened.

“I would love (it),’’ Reinsdorf told the Chicago Tribune Monday when asked if he would like to work with La Russa again.

La Russa and Reinsdorf have remained good friends since the White Sox fired him in 1986. They are so close, in fact, that Reinsdorf traveled to St. Louis Friday to be at La Russa’s final game.

“I knew Friday night was his last game, and I wanted to be there for it,” Reinsdorf said in a statement Monday. Like a father who gets more enjoyment out of seeing his children succeed, I was as happy for him Friday night as I was when we won in 2005.”

La Russa didn’t rule joining another organization in his farewell press conference so that door remains open.

Here’s more of what Reinsdorf had to say about La Russa Monday:

“Tony La Russa certainly left his mark on the game of baseball.  His brilliance is his legacy.  One of two managers to win a World Series in each league, six pennants, it says a lot about the man that he wasn’t just going to stick around to break records.”

“Some managers are great at running a game.  Some are great from the ninth inning until the first inning.  Tony was rare.  He truly was great at both.  I don’t think anyone has won more often with teams expected to do far less.”

“Tony is one of the few people I know who would do something for a friend even if it was bad for him personally.  It’s a measure of the man that we fired him and remained friends.”