GROBBER—Nov 1,2011


***I don’t have any idea what the Cubs will announce today when they introduce a new General Manager and Asst GM at 3pm(The Score will carry that News Conference live),but I am hoping that this brand new Theo Epstein group will NOT listen to the Cubs Marketing Department or even to their Rights Holders as they move forward. My suggestion is for them to take this current ballclub and “blow it up”. That will not likely happen,but I do know I am sick and tired of the same crap we’ve mostly seen for the past 50+ seasons.

***There are reports that the NBA and it’s Players Association are just 5% away from a new collective barginning agreement, but that 5% is almost like light years away from this lockout ending.

***Now that Tony LaRussa has retired a couple of days after his Cardinals there are already reports that Larussa couple resurface as a consultant with the White Sox.


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