(WSCR) As the child sexual abuse allegations against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky continue to evolve, one college football experts thinks the truth behind this scandal runs much deeper than anyone truly knows.

“My experience with the athletic culture is that things like that don’t occur without a lot of people knowing about it,” Gerry Dinardo of the Big Ten Network told The Mully and Hanley Show. “It’s a fraternity. It’s a brotherhood, if you would. In a lot of regards, it’s a positive relationship. What the grand jury has stated, things like that do not happen in a bubble. The word gets out. People know about it. People talk. People ask each other for counseling advice. I find it hard to believe, although it may be true, I’ll give people the benefit of the doubt. I find it hard to believe that not more people than we are being told knew about this. A lot of people let down the victims on a lot of different levels. Anyone that did know about it, they have no place in society. They certainly don’t have any place on a college campus.

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“The game is not important right now. What is important is that everyone who was involved in this should be prosecuted in the court of law. I hope that happens.”

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Since the allegations surfaced, there has been an outcry among media, fans and the general public as to what the proper punishment for Penn State should be. Some have suggested the NCAA-sanctioned death penalty for PSU football, other have called for Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany to step up and kick the Nittany Lions out of the conference.

DiNardo said that for right now, this issue is well out of the hands of the Big Ten.

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“I think the conference office is doing the right thing,” DiNardo said. “I think their role right now, this is a legal investigation. This is criminal. … I don’t know that they have a role in other than to make sure, in their way, that the right thing is being done. This is at such a high level. It’s certainly bigger than conference office business. I think they probably have some role right now that we may not know, but I don’t think they play a significant role right now.”