GROBBER—Nov 8,2011


***Having had several chances to meet,and interview Joe Paterno over the years, it’s disapointing that a percieved(got to say that until things are completely proved)scum bag like Jerry Sandusky is bringing JoePa down late in his legendary career. But the most important thing is what happened to those victims. This appears to be one of the more vial acts we’ve heard of in a long time. Penn State has always had a reputation of having a clean,classy Program in both Football and in other Sports,but this,which could bring JoePa’s legendary career to a sudden halt,is beyond belief.

***Who is to blames the most? Sandusky? Paterno? Or people even higher up the chain of command at PSU.

***Ironically, Penn State leads it’s Division in the Big Ten,and in addition to already being Bowl eligible,the Nittany Lions may also end up in the first ever Big Ten Championship game next month in Indianapolis. If Paterno is still Coaching,it would be a distraction that Jim Delaney surely doesn’t want.