GROBBER—Nov 10,2011




***And so the the Joe Paterno era at Penn State is history and it ended in a bad way. Jerry Sandusky,Paterno’s former Assistant has more problems,having been indicted for his actions that triggered this scandal. Paterno just passes Eddie Robinson of Grambling as the all time Division 1 leader in wins among College Football Coaches.


***How disgraceful of an exit was this? Others who left their jobs in bad ways included:


*Ohio State’s Woody Hayes who was canned two days after he punched a Clemson player who had clinched a Gator Bowl win for the Tigers over the Buckeyes with an interception. Hayes refused to apologize. He died without ever doing so.


*Indiana’s Bob Knight was dumped after violating a zero policy issued by then IU President Myles Brand.Knight went after a student who simply said “Hi Knight”.


*Jim Tressel of Ohio State after several of his players got tattoos and other illegal gifts.


*Pete Carroll at USC after Reggie Bush and others were busted for getting gifts that were not allowed by the NCAA.


*Former Northwestern Coach Gary

Barnett was forced to resign from Colorado in 2005 after a recruiting scandal that included the use of drugs, alcohol and sex to entice recruits was uncovered.

*Rick Neuheisel,a two-time offender. Washington fired Neuheisel in 2003 for gambling; taking part in a neighborhood March Madness pool. He also has been linked to several recruiting and other NCAA violations during his time at Washington and Colorado.

*Bruce Pearl who is still hated by all Illini Fans after he turned in Jimmy Collins for what were untrue claims that Collins and Lou Henson offered recruit Deon Thomas 80 grand and a Chevy Blazer.Pearl got in trouble HIMSELF with the NCAA for his recruitment methods. In 2010, he hosted recruits at his home and lied during an NCAA investigation into the matter. He was suspended for eight games and his entire staff had a $1.5 million salary reduction over five years and delayed retention bonuses. Pearl was also involved in a recruiting scandal in the late ’80s while working as an assistant at Iowa.

*Kelvyn Sampson was involved in controversial recruitment methods. While at Oklahoma, 550 illegal calls were made by Sampson and his staff to recruit players. The NCAA barred him from recruiting off-campus for one year. At Indiana, Sampson was caught making impermissible phone calls again and was forced to resign in 2008. The NCAA imposed a five-year show-cause order on Sampson. He is now an Assistant to former Bulls Coach Scott Skiles with the Milwaukee Bucks.

*Eddie Sutton of Kentucky and Oklahoma State was forced to resign from Kentucky when it was found that his coaching staff was paying recruits. Cash was found in an envelope to player Chris Mill’s father. While coaching at Oklahoma State, Sutton was in a car accident and confessed to have taken prescription painkillers and drinking alcohol. Not long after, he resigned.

*John Calipari got UMASS and Memphis on probation and give it time, he will have long time cheater on probation as well.

*Jerry Tarkanian spent most of his career battling the NCAA. After he left Long Beach State, the program was caught for recruiting violations under Tarkanian’s watch. During his time at UNLV, he avoided NCAA scrutiny till he signed Lloyd Daniels.