(WSCR) When opposing offenses game plan for the Chicago Bears pass rush, there is one variable they can never truly predict: Julius Peppers.

Peppers has freedom to move up and down the line throughout the game until he finds which offensive player he wants to attack — something that undoubtably causes head aches for opposing offensive coordinators.

“He’s one of those players that’s just a difference-maker,” Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman told The Mully and Hanley Show. “I know they moved him to both sides of the ball, so that’s a good thing. As an offense, you don’t know exactly where he’s going to be or how you’re going to turn protection to him. That can create some problems. Then, if you start working him into the middle of the defensive line and kind of take advantage of those weaknesses in the middle, then that creates a whole different set of problems.”

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For Aikman, the Bears allowing Peppers to attack the middle of an offensive line is reminiscent of one of the greatest defensive linemen in the history of the game he used to play against.

“Going to back to when I was playing, they used to do that, the Philadelphia Eagles did, with Reggie White,” Aikman said. “You think you know where he’s going to be, or you anticipate that he’s going to be here most of the time, but then you know he’s going to move up and down that offensive line until he finds a matchup that he feels good about. That puts some stress on an offense.”


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