GROBBER—November 15,2011




So now Jerry Sandusky goes on NBC’s Rock Center with Bob Costas and admits he was in the shower hugging young kids,and touched their legs,but says he did nothing of a sexual matter. Sandusky proclaims his innocence. The plot(as sickening as it is)thickens. The Big Ten has taken Joe Paterno’s name off the Trophy for the Conference’s Football Championship Game,the first of which takes place the first Saturday of December at Indianapolis’s Lucas Oil Stadium. Right now Penn State,even with their loss to Nebraska last Saturday,still has a one game lead in their Division. They still have the inside track to getting to this inaugural Title Game which,even with Paterno gone,would still be a distraction that the League doesn’t want.


Several people are sick of talking about or hearing about this Penn State stuff and would rather here legit sports talk. Me too, but there are still many folks that still want to talk about this disgusting story.


Unless you want to get very sick to your stomach, don’t read the indictment on the charges against Sandusky!


Like most of you, I am tired of hearing about Labor stuff with the NBA(and NFL).The Owners and players are BOTH to blame for this crap! The Owners,and NBA Commish David Stern made what they call a final offer. Stern warned that if this deal was turned down,that any future offers would make the player even more unhappy. Now Billy Hunter and the NBA Players Assn are looking to follow the NFL(this year as well as 1987)in decertifying so that the Players can sue for Anti-Trust violations. Really! If the teams are mostly losing money,are they in violation of Anti-Trust laws for trying to get back to the break even mark? This bites the big one!


The Detroit Lions played a dirty game Sunday at Soldier Field. And the Officials called a bogus person foul on Lance Briggs for a CLEAN hit on Calvin Johnson. Briggs did NOT lead with his helmet,it was a solid clean hit,but since the NFL is very paranoid, they have told the zebras to drop flags for even marginal fouls. In this case,it wasn’t even marginal.Oh, and Matthew Stafford should have been run in addition to D.J.Moore, Stafford grabbed Moore by the helmet and yanked him down. The NFL’s over protection of quarterbacks(the so called unofficial Tom Brady Rule)has gotten way out of control!