By David Schuster-

MILWAUKEE (WSCR) After sitting around the Phister Hotel up here in Milwaukee most of the day we finally got a chance to talk to the various General Managers. It actually was sort of funny because when they came into the ball room it was like feeding time at the zoo. We pounced on them and barely let them up for air.

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Now obviously they weren’t going to divulge what they talked about behind closer doors but we were able to gleam some tidbits of information.

Let’s start with the White Sox and Kenny Williams who immediately rebuffed me when I asked him about Mark Buehrle. That question was apparently off limits with a few no comments so it was on to other subjects, like trades. Williams confirmed that just about anybody on his roster is there for the taking and yes he has already had discussions with other teams about players on his roster.

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Williams also said don’t discount the Sox going after free agents but then again, I doubt that and I’ve learned not to believe everything I’m told. Two things he did say I totally believe is that Chris sale will go into the starting rotation and Alejandro DeAza will be his leadoff hitter. He said that Robin Ventura will make up the lineup but also strongly hinted that he (Williams) will have a big say so in that line up…..hint hint.

As for the Cubs, Jed Hoyer did all the talking on this day and said the decision for anew Manager is coming soon (likely next week). He said there is no clear cut favorite but it’s curious that Terry Francona’s name is not being eliminated and very well could get the gig. One thing is for sure, if Francona ends up getting the job the fact that he has campaigned so hard for it only lowers his eventual price. That in itself could put him over the top. Hoyer also admitted that the Cubs would talk (in person) to Dale Sveum (again) who happens to be here.

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Hoyer also said that the Cubs are actively talking to Kerry Wood and a new deal (likely one year) could happen in the near future. He also said the decision on Carlos Zambrano has not been made yet but said that Zambrano can still be effective, witness his 17-7 record over the last year plus.