CHICAGO (CBS) — Anyone trying to build a tall building near Midway Airport will be subject to some restrictions if a new proposed city ordinance passes.

A proposed zoning amendment presented to the City Council Wednesday would set up restrictions that would affect all construction within 9,500 feet, or about 1.8 miles, of the ends of each runway at Midway International Airport.

The height limit would begin at 30 feet right at the airport, and extend one foot for every 50 feet away from the ends of the runways, which would limit construction to 220 feet at a distance of 1.8 miles..

Some of the areas in the flight paths to Midway are outside the city limits, and thus outside the jurisdiction of any city ordinance.

The amendment, which was proposed by the Chicago Department of Housing and Economic Development at the request of the Department of Aviation, is intended to provide safe and unobstructed paths to the airport for takeoff and landing.

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