CHICAGO (WBBM) – With the holidays approaching, more people might be drinking alcohol. How often you drink, impacts your risk of cancer.

You already know that drinking in moderation is good advice. Now, health experts say how often you drink alcohol can affect your chances of getting various types of cancer, and it’s different for men versus women.

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A recent study from the Journal of Epidemiology focused on the drinking patterns of 325,000 men and women. Heavy drinkers, those who have three or more drinks a day, three or more days a week increase their cancer risks whether they’re male or female. The risk is significantly higher for men.

Women however, are likely to increase their chance for cancer death by 93 percent (colorectical cancer cancer in particular) if they take in, not necessarily more drinks, but if they drink more often, like three or more days per week. Men drinking three or more drinks a day have a 55 percent higher risk of prostate cancer.