Updated 11/22/11 – 8:44 p.m.

(CBS) A man was arrested Tuesday after breaking into the home of White Sox general manager Kenny Williams.

Wayne L. Field III, 51, from the 900 block of West Lawrence Ave has been charged with residential burglary after breaking into the house and taking Williams’ clothes, World Series ring and even defrosting some lobster.

Williams returned home and noticed some things were moved around and the oven was still warm.

He had stored leftover lobster in the freezer, but found it laying on a table.

Williams called his kids to see if any of them were in town and they weren’t so he called police.

A hospital bracelet with Field’s name was also left on the floor.

While police officers were at the house, they noticed a guy looking in the window.

He identified himself and confirmed that it was his hospital bracelet on the floor.

While the man was being handcuffed and put into a police car, Williams ran upstairs to check his jewelry and saw his World Series ring was missing.

He ran outside to catch the cops before they left and saw the guy was wearing Williams’ World Series ring, a watch and his clothes. Williams told him to keep the clothes, but give back his jewelry.

Stacy Pyle, a sports collectible expert for the Fans Edge store at 55 E Grand Av., said that if Field had gotten away with the ring, he would have had a tough time selling it.

“He wouldn’t be able to sell it on Craigslist or EBay in my opinion, because it will have Williams’ name on it. Williams will know it was gone and police will be looking for it, so I would think he would just take it to a pawn shop and they would just take it for half the cost,” she said.

The owner of Mon Ami Jewelry at 23 N. Wabash Av. said, if you melted down the gold and pulled off the tiny diamonds, it would be worth only about $2,000.

“We have a few White Sox players who are customers of ours and we’ve seen this ring many times. It’s a beautiful ring but the value is as a unique commemorative item,” Jeweler Amand Sheth said.

Field usually spends his nights at a homeless shelter in the Uptown neighborhood, but on Tuesday he was being held at the Cook County Jail on $100,000 bond.