CHICAGO (CBS) — I have a tale to tell tonight about parking a car legally and getting smacked with a ticket.

Yesterday in Chicago, on the North Side, a woman showed me the ticket, and where she was parked when she got it in a diagonal space.

Because it was dark outside and she felt safer seeing the street in front of her, instead of through her rear-view mirror, she backed into the space and got the big orange thing on her windshield.

The ticket inside, the crime she’s accused of committing, was parking in the wrong direction.

Can’t believe it? Look again: parked in the wrong direction, whatever that means.

There are no signs on the street and she was not blocking anything, just parked in the wrong direction.

She was fined $25; told pay it, lady, or be hounded for it.

City Hall is hungry for money; looks like the squeeze is on.

Come on Mr. Mayor. Enough is enough squeezing us. You want more money to spend? Park your car in the wrong direction.