By Dorothy Tucker

CHICAGO (CBS) — Some of the hottest gifts on sale this Black Friday are single-serve coffee makers.

They just hit the scene a couple of years ago, but they’re already on track to claim 10 percent of the coffee machine market.

With so many models to choose from, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker takes a look at which one is best for you and what you should consider when choosing.

“I like the deep smell of it. I love the aroma,” said Mary Valentin. She loves her morning coffee — each cup made perfect every time in her Nespresso.

Mary is among the many coffee lovers who favor single-serve machines because they deliver gourmet coffee at a fraction of what you’d pay at a coffee shop.

“This is for the person who wants really high end coffee, but they’re rushing a little bit,” said Renee Gabbett, a clerk at Sur La Table.

There are plenty of single-serve models to choose from. In making the best choice, consider your personality.

“My personality? Extroverted at times. I’m not very technical,” said Renne Michelon.

If your personality mirrors Michelon’s “keep it simple” characteristic, try the Nespresso Lattissima II for $399.

“It’s modern, clean looking. It doesn’t look too complicated. It just has four buttons,” explained Michelon

The $599 Breville Barista Express Espresso attracts a detail oriented person.

“A little bit of a control freak,” added Gabbett. “They want the real hands-on experience of making an espresso from start to finish.”

But what if you tend to be impatient and want convenience?

“You want to look for that coffee maker that’s under a minute,” offered Harvey Isom, a general manager for Sears.

At Sears there are several “speedy” options that also offer lower prices. The Cuisinart at $199.00, the Keurig special edition for $149.00, the Keurig Elite for $119.00 and the Tassimo for $139.00.

If your dominant trait is frugal, go to Target, where you’ll find single-serve machines for under $100.00.

“I’m fairly outgoing and I like to be with a lot of people,” said Dr. Paul Saltzman.

Saltzman can afford to indulge his sociable personality. He just bought the $2,800 Jura Espresso so his friends can enjoy any kind of cappuccinos and latte they desire.

“I thought it was sort of like an entertainment piece, albeit expensive,” added Saltzman.

Compared to buying your favorite latte at your local café, you’ll save money making it with your single-serve coffee maker at home.

The average cup of gourmet coffee costs $3.00 at a shop, while the convenient K-cups can cost about 70 cents to brew at home, and a regular single cup of coffee at home will only cost you seven cents.

Dorothy Tucker