(WSCR) Without Jay Cutler, it’s clear the Bears play-calling and game-planning needs to be adjusted.

“He’s not a mini Jay Cutler,” Hall of Famer Dan Hampton said of Caleb Hanie. “He can move around a little bit. He does have some skills, but to basically say that we’re basically just going to dumb-down the offense a little bit and you’re going to be able to do the same things Jay does, that doesn’t really work

“Jay Cutlers are few and far between. We can’t expect him to do what Jay does.”

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Hampton said he was disappointed in the play-calling because the Bears didn’t play to the strengths of the offense without Cutler.

“You wish that we would’ve been a little bit smarter, that we would’ve been able to do some things that would have enhanced what the offense was able to accomplish, which is they got the running game going,” Hampton said. “How many times have we said that we just never, never build on that by going with the play-action and allowing Caleb Hanie to maybe get outside of the pocket?”