CHICAGO (CBS) — Rod Blagojevich. I can’t get him off my mind, what it’s like tonight, waiting to be taken away to a prison cell with a cot, a toilet and a washbowl.

A man who was once a governor and a member of Congress — about to be locked up for 10, maybe 20, years. It’s hard to imagine, and though he may deserve what he gets, I’m sorry for him and more sorry, really sorry, for Patti and their children: Amy, a sophomore in high school, and Annie, in third grade, knowing that the only place they’ll see their dad for 10 or 20 years will be in a prison visiting room.

And how panicked they are, and embarrassed among friends. Whispers and gossip for the rest of their lives.

How sad for them, and for thousands of other children, paying a price for what dad did, suffering the permanent damage of family abuse.

Amy and Annie, and all the rest. I feel so bad for them.