Congratulations to Emmett Price from Cedar Lake, Indiana for his Pork Tenderloin Fajitas recipe!

Pork Tenderloin Fajitas
Serves 10-12 hungry Bears fans
By Emmett Price

4 pork tenderloins (4-5 lb. total)
5 medium tomatoes
2 Large onions
3 colored bell peppers
2 limes
½ lb bacon
2 cans refried beans
2 avocados
Black pepper
Chipotle peppers
Garlic powder
2 oz. Bourbon
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
Sour cream
Grated Chihuahua cheese
Tortilla shells
1 jar salsa
1 bag tortilla chips

At Home Bacon: Fry Bacon and reserve the fat Refried Beans; Cook refried beans with 3 tablespoons bacon fat and 1 teaspoon salt, on low 30 min. stirring occasionally. Fill a foil pan to take to the game.

Fajita vegetables: Julian colored peppers and onions Sauté in 2 tablespoons bacon fat. Cook until tender. Add 2 ½ diced tomatoes. Fill a foil pan to take to the game.

Tenderloin Rub: Combine 1 teaspoon black pepper, 2 Chipotle peppers mashed, 1 teaspoon Oregano, 2 tablespoons Paprika, 1 tablespoons Cumin, 2 tablespoons Garlic powder, 2 tablespoons salt, 2 oz. Bourbon, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, and juice of 1 lime. Rub the paste on the tenderloins, put in plastic bag and refrigerate.

At The Game Put refried beans and Fajita vegetables on top rack to keep warm.

Guacamole: Mix 2 avocados with 1 tablespoon cilantro, ¼ cup onion, ½ tomato diced, 1 teaspoon sour cream, and juice of 1 lime. Keep refrigerated. Cook the tenderloins on the grill (preferably charcoal) 7-10 min. on each side until the internal temp is 160 Deg. Do not overcook! Slice the tenderloin across the grain. Guests will take a tortilla shell, Pork Tenderloin and choose from the following condiments and sides: diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, bacon, refried beans, fajita vegetables, shredded Chihuahua cheese, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, tortilla chips.

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