CHICAGO (CBS) — She stepped forward and told her story to world. Now Sharon Bialek says she feels vindicated.

The suburban Glenview mother spoke out again Monday, just 48 hours after GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain suspended his campaign.

Sharon Bialek was the first woman to come forward among five women who accused Cain of sexual harassment or adultery.

Bialek had accused Cain of groping her in a car in 1997 when she asked him for help in finding a job. She previously worked for the National Restaurant Association, which Cain then headed.

On Saturday, Cain said the allegations of improprieties, which he denied,  were too much for him to overcome.

“This is kind of my somewhat vindication,” Bialek told reporters at a news conference. “I feel that now by him stepping down — albeit he didn’t tell the truth by doing it – but at least I feel that I have impacted his race for the president.”

Bialek says her intention wasn’t to bring Cain down, just to give him a platform to tell the truth. She thought Cain might admit his alleged improprieties.

Her attorney, Gloria Allred, did not think that would happen.

“Having handled thousands of cases where women have been hurt by men in positions of power, I also know the reality, which is they rarely admit to anything,” she said.

Allred says no one from Cain’s campaign has contacted her or Bialek to offer an apology. She didn’t rule out possible legal action for the emotional hardship Bialek says she’s suffered.

Bialek admits she’s still has financial problems, and her main task now is trying to find her job.

She says she has no plans to sell her story.