(CBS) Bears general manager Jerry Angelo told ChicagoBears.com Wednesday that the team will not add another quarterback because there is not enough time to get a new QB entrenched in the system.

“As I said when we brought in Josh McCown, it was with the understanding that whoever we brought in has to have a familiarity with the offense,” Angelo told the team controlled web site. “We have only four games remaining. If that individual has to play, he’s got to know as much as he can about the offense. That’s really it.”

Donovan McNabb and Brett Favre have both been discussed publicly as options, but Angelo shot those talks down.

“I’m not saying that McNabb can’t play,” he said. “He’s just not as familiar with our offense and we don’t have the time to be grooming a backup given our situation. I’m not even factoring Brett Favre into the equation because he hasn’t played or even practiced from the preseason on. We’re all assuming he’s in great shape and frothing to come back and play football, which we all know is not true. So the Favre thing is just a fantasy.”

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