AURORA, Ill. (CBS) — Threats at a high school in Aurora have left parents and students on edge.

As CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports, a student apparently sent violent text messages to several other students at Metea Valley High School on Monday afternoon.

Published reports say a 16-year-old boy from Naperville may be to blame.

“I really saw stuff on Facebook talking about bomb threats and stuff like that at school,” one student said. “I really wasn’t too much concerned, because I didn’t think it was real.”

But the threats left some students worried.

“When I heard about that, I just thought, like, should I even come to school?” another student said.

Rumors about threats of violence were spreading all over Metea Valley High School Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, the school posted a statement saying officials there found out that Aurora police were called, and that the student was removed from school.

“Yeah,” a student said. “I didn’t want that kid in my school.”

Parents say the principal sent an automated phone message about the situation, but some still have questions.

“What’s going on – simply, you know, what happened? What transpired, so we can understand what’s going on at the school?” said the father of a student.

Police say the student is 16 years old.

“Most people are taking it pretty seriously,” a student said. “I think you should take it seriously, though.”

“When I got to school, everybody was talking about it,” said the student who said earlier that he had heard about bomb threats via Facebook, “and that’s when I started worrying in my first period class.”

Aurora police say the student was taken to a local health facility. They won’t say what made them take the threats seriously, or if any weapon was involved.

“I thought it was good for the officers to take care of it, you know, so we can be in safety and everything like that, because that’s the main concern,” a student said. “We’re here to learn and not, you know, be worried about bomb threats and stuff like that.”

Some students said the students targeted in the threats were back in class Tuesday, but still worried.

Police are investigating, but no charges had been filed as of Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, parents say they want more details. They want to know the kind of threats that are involved, so as to clear up all the rumors.