Like many people right now, I’m guessing about years in prison for Rod Blagojevich.

But what I know for sure is that there’s more to the Blago story we’re being told; more about those bugs on his phones.

We’ve heard the tapes of the bugs that convicted Blagojevich; not the tapes he says may exonerate him; conversations with Sen. Harry Reid, for example, and Rahm Emanuel.

No, says Judge James B. Zagel. No tapes. They are “not admissible under the standards of hearsay at sentencing.” Whatever that means.

Blagojevich says there’s evidence on the tapes that will exonerate him, and Judge Zagel says “standards of hearsay at sentencing?”

Excuse me, your honor, but why should standards of hearsay-whatever outweigh our need to know all there is to know about a convicted governor?

Go ahead and sentence Blagojevich to whatever you think he deserves. But about our need to know, sir, let us hear what’s on those tapes.