CHICAGO (CBS) — A discount airline is once again using Rod Blagojevich’s infamy to sell cheap seats to a limited number of cities.

Spirit Airlines is offering its “Slammer Sale”, telling folks that “you don’t have to live in the ‘Big House’ to take advantage of these fares.”

You would think that simply offering plane tickets for $14 would be enough.

The pitch continues: “You don’t want to get convicted for missing this seat-selling sale!”

Get it? “Seat-selling” and “convicted?” OK, OK, Spirit Airlines copy writers, you can stop now.

The former Illinois governor was sentenced this week to 14 years in prison on a variety of corruption charges, including attempting the sell off an appointment to Barack Obama’s old Senate seat

It’s not the first time Spirit has used the Blagojevich case to pitch cheap seats.

It also launched an “F-ing Golden” sale a few months back, poking fun at the former governor’s language on government wiretaps when he was talking about who to appoint to the U.S. Senate in 2008.

For the “Slammer Sale,” the $14 one-way tickets to Boston, Dallas, New York and Detroit are limited to a few dates in February, according to the Spirit Airlines website.