By Dan McNeil-

One doesn’t need to look far to discover something in sports worthy of one’s ire. In some cases, even contempt is justifiable.

Tim Tebow doesn’t make my list. His detractors, on the other hand, are contending for the medals stand in the Annoyance Olympics.

I’m stunned and disturbed by how Tebowmania has devolved into a “choose a side” proposition regarding the Broncos’ second-year quarterback. A 24-year-old man, trying to win unconventionally at the most difficult position in sports while wearing his spiritual convictions on his shirt sleeve (and his eye-black patches), has battle lines being drawn.

Talk about wasted energy.

I get it that most people would just as soon not have religion shoved down their throats, but does it really merit the high volume of heated debate since Tebow took the job from Kyle Orton after the Broncos opened the year 1-4? Has Tebow knocked on your front door and handed you a pamphlet?

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