By; David Schuster

The Bulls have been chasing guard Rip Hamilton for almost 2 years and it looks like they will soon land him. Hamilton is in the process of being waived by the Detroit Pistons. Once that becomes official he would then have to pass through waivers which looks to be a formaility.  Then the Bulls will sign him to a deal that sources are calling $10 million over 2 years.

The Bulls front office remains mum on the subject and coach Tom Thibideau wouldn’t come even close to addressing the subject but Derrick Rose has gone on record as rubber stamping it calling Hamilton a “winner”.

Joakim Noah also wouldn’t talk directly about Hamilton but said, “I have confidence that management will do the right thing to make us a better team”.

Hamilton is a 3 time All Star who has averaged over 17 points a game during his career. His 6’7″ height makes him a perfect compliment for Rose at the 2 guard position and though he’s probably past the prime of his career he can still shoot with the best of them and plays pretty good defense. The defense is key since the Bulls are constantly looking at matching up with Miami in the East. Hamilton would be counted on to guard Dwayne Wade a lot in any matchup scenario.


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