(WSCR)  To break their current three-game skid, one Bears expert said the Bears need to do one simple thing.

“Everyone keeps saying maybe the Bears will loosen it up and maybe be more aggressive with Caleb Hanie,” John “Moon” Mullin told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “No, what you need to do is stop making stupid plays. Let’s face it, these three losses trace to some absolutely bone-headed plays. … It’s gets pretty simple. If you don’t have a great quarterback, don’t expect your quarterback to win the game. Win it some other ways.”

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One of those bone-headed plays involved Marion Barber running out of bounds instead of simply falling to the ground to secure the win. After his blunder that cost the Bears the win, Barber refused to talk to the media. He is now facing league action if he doesn’t talk.

“You kind of owe it to the fans — at least tell them what happened or what didn’t happen,” Mullin said. “The thing that I had a problem with when it comes to Barber was that he just kind left Kahlil Bell to answer all the questions. It kind of dumps everything on the other guys.”