By Walter Jacobson

CHICAGO (CBS) – Imagine, tonight, just try to imagine the corporations in Illinois that are planning to join the Sears and the Chicago Mercantile blackmail team, thinking:

“Now, it’s OUR turn. Give us a tax break like Sears and the Merc, or we’ll pick up our marbles and blow your pop stand.”

Gotta hand it to Sears and the Merc. Hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks in exchange for staying in Illinois. And all they had to do was bark at Gov. Quinn that you better break our taxes, baby, or we’re outta here. They barked, as they did for their stockholders. Can’t blame them for that.

Want to lay some blame? Lay it on us, the voters, for electing Quinn and the members of the General Assembly, allowing the politicians to bloat the state budget with pensions and patronage, to run the state $8 billion into the red, and to run businesses away.

If we want to keep in the corporations, we have to vote in better politicians.