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CHICAGO (CBS) — This is known as the season for giving, but in Englewood there is a woman who gives year-round.

Mother Betty Price is someone you should know, CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield reports.

A hot meal on a cold day is surely a delight but for these folks a hot meal on any day is always welcomed. On a recent day, the fare included read beans and rice, pork neckbones and pot roast.

Four days a week, Price opens her heart and her kitchen to feed the needy in the depressed Englewood community.

“I reach out from depths of my soul to help these people. I love it,” she says on a day she was serving up

Twenty-three years ago, she served her first meal to a less fortunate person. Today, she and her volunteers continue to feed as many 250 a day through her organization FCHN — Feed, Clothe and Help the Needy.

“I’m just very grateful to Mother Price for doing what she’s doing, because if it wasn’t for Mother Price there’d be a lot of hungry people out here in this world,” diner Beverly Taylor says.

“I would probably go hungry every day if I didn’t come here,” diner Mike Kubas says.

The food is purchased at a discount from the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Mother Price has faced hard times and feared she would have to close up, but over the past few years she has received some special help. Business leaders have provided organizational support to her and her volunteers.

Mother Price is grateful for that help — and to be able to keep doing her work.

“I cook for them like I cook for my husband at home,” she says. “I try to make it taste the best. It makes me feel joy down in my soul.”