CHICAGO (CBS) — In presidential politics, now after Iowa, next up is New Hampshire, then South Carolina. And the talking heads on TV are non-stop on the economy.

Not me. I’m onto gastronomy — the bad news in Chicago about Charlie Trotter closing his famous fancy restaurant. And the shocking news in Paris, France, the mother of fancy restaurants that serve foie gras and bouillabaisse.

Stunning news about poisson – fish – in bistros in Paris being sold as fresh, but in fact are frozen, mass-produced, vacuum-sealed, congealed in packages with microwave re-heating instructions.

Frozen in warehouses and found to be featured on menus as fresh, which seems to me is cause for concern. Will we be next? Will Charlie Trotter sell his restaurant to some fancy French chef?

Non, monsieur, s’il vous plait, non! Chicago don’t want no fancy frozen fish.