HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. (CBS) — There will be no criminal charges against a former Hoffman Estates High School teacher who quit her job under fire for allowing a student to live with her.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, the Hoffman Estates Police Department closed its case in the matter this week, and says the 36-year-old math teacher will not face criminal charges because investigators could not find evidence that she broke the law.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

She was suspended from her job at Hoffman Estates High School, and soon after, quit, last fall when it was learned that a 17-year-old student had been living with her for about a month before the start of the school year.

School officials say the teacher should have reported the living arrangement to them.

Last month, the student told WBBM Newsradio that nothing sexual ever happened between him and the teacher.

He said Miss U, as he sometimes calls the teacher, got him out of a bad home situation and helped improve his grades.

He insisted, “There was no type of promiscuity, no type of sexual relations, no type of inappropriate behavior at all. Period.”

He went on to say later in the interview that, “I know for sure I’m not being sexually penetrated, sexually exploited. I’m not being harmed in any way. Nothing ever went on between me and Miss U at all. She’s my mother. I call her god mom. I’m her god son.”

The student led a sit-in at the school with 70 other students, and met with District 211 Supt. Nancy Robb and Hoffman Estates High School principal James Britton. But the administrators told the students there was nothing they could do until police concluded their investigation.